Diamond Size Gauge - 7 Folding Fan Display Arms for Various Gemstone Cuts

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Diamond Gemstone Size Gauge with 7 Folding Fan Display Arms - Accurate Carat Measurement for Various Cuts

Our professional Diamond Gemstone Size Gauge, featuring 7 Folding Fan Display Arms, is designed for jewellers to measure various popular gemstone cuts with ease. This versatile and comprehensive tool is a valuable addition to your jewelry trade resources.

Effortless Carat Estimation & Display for Multiple Cuts

This diamond size gauge is perfect for:

  • Estimating the carat weight of mounted diamond gemstones that cannot be weighed on scales.
  • Displaying the size of diamond gemstones in various cuts to customers for enhanced understanding.

The 7 Folding Fan Display Arms cover the following gemstone cuts and sizes:

  • Round Cut: 1.3mm (0.1ct) - 11mm (6ct)
  • Emerald Cut: 2.5mm (0.2ct) - 11x6mm (3ct)
  • Princess Cut: 2mm (0.2ct) - 9mm (3ct)
  • Marquise Cut: 1.8mm (0.2ct) - 15mm (3ct)
  • Pear Cut: 5mm (1ct) - 14mm (3ct)
  • Oval Cut: 7mm (7.5ct) - 12mm (3ct)

This easy-to-use gauge provides a clear visual representation of different gemstone sizes for both you and your customers.

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