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Learn the ins and outs of the precious metals market with our expert tips and advice

The Latest Trends in Jewellery Design

Discover the hottest new jewellery designs and trends that are taking the industry by storm

Maximizing Profits with Custom Jewellery Manufacturing

Learn how to increase your profits with custom jewellery manufacturing, tailored to your exact specifications

Protect Your Precious Metals with Corrosion Intercept®

Keep your valuable metals safe from tarnish and corrosion with our revolutionary Corrosion Intercept® bags.

Unlocking the Value of Vintage and Estate Jewellery

Discover the hidden value in vintage and estate jewellery and how to capitalize on it for maximum profit.

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Learn About Jewellery Trade Resources - Our History and Mission | JTR

Discover the story behind Jewellery Trade Resources - who we are, our history, and our mission to provide high-quality jewellery tools, components, and supplies to jewelers and hobbyists worldwide. Read our about us page to learn more.

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Unveiling the Motives Behind Jewelry Ownership | Jewellery Trade Resources

Unveiling the Motives Behind Jewelry Ownership | Jewellery Trade Resources

Uncover the diverse motives that drive people to own and use jewelry. From the influence of social and cultural background, psychological forces, economics, and politics, to the power of mass media - join us as we delve into the complexities behind our jewelry preferences.
 jeweler at work, focusing on their hands as they intricately craft a piece of jewelry

The Jewel and the Jeweler: Exploring the Craft of Jewelry Making

Join us as we explore the fascinating journey of a jewel from a raw gemstone to an exquisite piece of jewelry. Understand the intricate process of jewelry making, the crucial role of the jeweler, and the unique relationship between the jewel and its maker. Discover how jewelers impact jewelry trends and their invaluable contribution to the industry. Dive into the art of jewelry making with us.
Personalized jewelry with initials or names.

The Allure of Mystery: Personal Symbols and Provocations in Jewelry

Explore the captivating realm of personal and inscrutable symbols in jewelry. From the allure of mystery to the power of personal emblems, this post delves into how jewelry can act as a unique form of communication, challenging or inviting the viewer to engage with the wearer. Discover how these symbolic pieces transition from private fantasy to public provocation.

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