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2mm Round Cabochon Cut Natural Standard White Opal Gemstone

Introducing our stunning standard white natural opal gemstones, boasting an elegant 2mm round cabochon cut and a polished finish. Sourced exclusively from ethical suppliers, our gemstones are calibrated by diameter for the jewellery trade.

  • Authentic natural white opal
  • 2mm round cabochon cut
  • Beautiful white with shimmering rainbow colour flashes
  • Expertly crafted cabochon cut and polish

Please note that the images displayed are meant to represent the cut and general colour spectrum. Due to the natural nature of gemstones, the precise shade and height may vary. When ordering multiple gemstones, we strive to choose the most closely matched pieces in all aspects.

Each gemstone purchase comes with a comprehensive invoice. If you or your client need further certification or an in-depth report for a specific gemstone, you can obtain one from a reputable and independent laboratory of your choice.

About Opal Gemstones

Precious opals are known for their captivating play of colours on either a pale (white opal) or dark (black opal) background. Some white opals exhibit a translucent milky appearance, which is referred to as opalescence and is separate from the play of colours.

Opal Treatments

Various treatments, such as staining and resin impregnation, can be applied to opals to enhance their appearance. Composite stones, like doublets and triplets, can also be fashioned from multiple pieces.

Opal Testing Methods

Differentiating natural opals from synthetic ones can be achieved through methods like observation, refractometers, UV light, and specific gravity testing.

Opal Symbolism and Properties

Opal, an October birthstone and Libra zodiac gemstone, has a rich history of symbolism. Ancient Greeks believed opals granted foresight and prophecy, while Romans associated them with purity and hope. With a hardness of 6, opals are among the softer and more delicate gemstones available.

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