14ct Gold Filled Earring Butterfly Backs Scrolls 5.8mm x 5mm x 2

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14ct Gold Filled Earring Butterfly Backs Scrolls 5.8mm x 5mm x 2

These 14ct Gold Filled earring backs are perfect for small to large size earring. The 5.8mm diameter of these scrolls make them perfect for those who find small backs tricky to handle and fit.

0.76mm hole size so suitable for all earrings with standard 0.7mm posts. There is also considerable scope for YOU to enlarge the holes for oversized posts if required.

  • 5.8mm x 5mm wide
  • 3mm High
  • Hole Size 0.76mm
  • 14ct Gold Filled

1 pair (2pcs per pack). Larger packs are also available in our store.

Gold filled

Gold filled is also known as Rolled gold or gold bonded and is similar to gold plating but uses a real karat gold overlay which is then bonded to a brass inner core.

This gold filled item uses 1/20th 14 karat gold, meaning, it is 5% 14 karat gold by weight with a brass inner core.

Gold filled is a more durable alternative to gold plating and as the surface is real gold looks like real gold.



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