1x Anti-Tarnish Corrosion Intercept 4"x 4" Translucent Zip-lock Bag for Jewelry & Metal Storage

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1x Anti-Tarnish Corrosion Intercept 4"x 4" Translucent Zip-lock Bag for Safe & Effective Jewelry and Metal Storage

Ensure the longevity of your valuable items with our Anti-Tarnish Corrosion Intercept 4"x 4" Translucent Zip-lock Bag. This easy-to-use and affordable storage solution is perfect for protecting jewelry and other metals from tarnish and corrosion for up to 3 years.

  • Zip-lock bag size: 4" x 4"
  • Translucent film for easy viewing
  • Effective tarnish and corrosion prevention
  • Non-toxic and non-abrasive
  • Built-in saturation indicator

Corrosion Intercept® technology features a polymer matrix infused with solid-state reactive materials (bonded copper particles) that neutralize corrosive gases, offering effective protection for non-ferrous metals such as silver, gold, brass, copper, bronze, and ferrous metals (iron-based).

This innovative storage solution is temperature and humidity independent, and its inert material does not release corrosive gases like charcoal-based products. The built-in saturation indicator makes it easy to know when it's time to replace the Intercept package. When the copper colour starts to turn grey or black, simply change the bag.

Used by major jewelry manufacturers, retailers, NASA, The British Royal Mint, and companies worldwide, our Anti-Tarnish Corrosion Intercept Zip-lock Bag provides a reliable and effective storage option for your precious metals and valuables.

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