Carriage or French Clock Door Knob & Nut - High-Quality Replacement Part for Repairs

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Carriage or French Clock Door Knob & Nut - Premium Brass Replacement Fitting for Clock Repairs

Introducing our new replacement Carriage or French Clock Door Knob, a high-quality brass door knob designed specifically for clock repairs and restoration. The knurled edge adds a touch of elegance and ensures easy gripping.

  • Brass Door Knob with Knurled Edge
  • 5.8mm Diameter Knob
  • 2.2mm Diameter Thread
  • Overall Length: 11mm

This durable door knob and nut fitting is perfect for restoring your carriage or French clock to its original beauty and functionality. The brass material not only provides a visually appealing finish but also ensures the longevity of the replacement part.

Choose our Carriage or French Clock Door Knob & Nut for a reliable and high-quality solution for your clock repair and restoration needs, guaranteeing an attractive and functional result.

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