Citrine 7mm Round Cut Natural Standard Yellow Gemstone - Ideal for Stunning Jewellery

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7mm Round Cut Citrine - Natural Standard Yellow Gemstone for Beautiful Jewellery Pieces

Our Citrine gemstones showcase a vibrant hue and excellent cut, obtained only from ethical suppliers. We offer gemstones calibrated by diameter to cater specifically to the jewellery trade. Our standard yellow Citrine is a top choice, and we also carry darker golden yellow and orange-tinged Madeira options in our store.

  • Authentic Citrine gemstone
  • Precisely crafted 7mm round cut
  • Lustrous standard yellow shade
  • Ethically obtained

Each gemstone, as a natural product, may have minor differences in shade and height. When ordering multiple gems, we will diligently select stones with the closest match in all aspects.

An itemized invoice is included with each gemstone purchase. For further certification or a comprehensive report for an individual gemstone, you can acquire one from an independent laboratory of your choosing.

About Citrine

A crystalline variant of quartz, Citrine enchants with its array of colours from light yellow to deep orange and brown. Citrine is available in various levels of transparency, with significant commercial deposits found in Brazil, Bolivia, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Common Treatments

Amethyst may undergo heat treatment to produce Citrine, while Citrine can be irradiated to create Amethyst.

Testing Citrine

Dichroscopes, polariscopes, and refractometers can be utilized to distinguish Citrine from similar-looking materials.

Citrine Attributes

Citrine, the November birthstone and traditional zodiac birthstone for Scorpio, is renowned for its rich yellow hues. With a hardness of 7, Citrine is a relatively durable gemstone and a highly sought-after member of the quartz family.

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