Crystal Lift Tool for Plastic Watch Glasses 10mm-45mm - Effortless Fit & Removal

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Crystal Lift Tool for Unbreakable Plastic Watch Glasses 10mm-45mm - Simple & Precise Fit and Removal

Our Crystal Lift Tool simplifies the process of removing and inserting low or high domed Plexi glass or plastic watch crystals without tension rings. With this handy tool, you can easily change watch crystals without disassembling the watch or damaging the crystal. In most cases, the tension created eliminates the need for adhesives or glues.

How to Remove a Crystal:

  1. Unscrew the top handle to open the claws.
  2. Gradually grip the crystal as close to the bezel as possible until it becomes loose.
  3. Use the tool to lift and remove the old crystal.

How to Fit a Crystal:

  1. Place the new crystal on the platform.
  2. Adjust the plates to touch the crystal.
  3. Use the Crystal Lift to grip and lightly compress the crystal.
  4. Position the crystal into the bezel.
  5. Release the claws to secure the crystal with tension.

Tool Dimensions

The Crystal Lift Tool measures 76mm in height and 40mm in diameter when closed, while the plate is 42mm wide x 85mm long.

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