Griffin Blue Silk No.3 0.50mm: Premium Thread for Stringing Pearls & Beads

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Presenting the remarkable Griffin Blue Silk No.3 0.50mm thread, designed specifically for stringing pearls and beads in your jewellery projects. This high-grade silk thread offers exceptional strength, flexibility, and a polished finish, ensuring your designs stand out.

  • No.3 0.50mm thickness
  • 2 metres in length
  • Includes 1 beading needle

Hassle-Free Pearl and Bead Stringing

Thanks to the ingenious stringing needle attached to the GRIFFIN Carded Bead Cord, you can forget about the challenges of threading needles and using double thread when stringing pearls or beads. This feature streamlines the process, saving you both time and energy.

Experience Griffin's Excellence

Griffin has been a trusted name in the thread industry since 1866, renowned for their exceptional silk threads. Their unique production techniques and vast experience yield threads with unparalleled stability and flexibility, making them the go-to choice for your jewellery projects.

Avoid Fraying, Tangling, and Knotting

Griffin's state-of-the-art manufacturing machines, efficient production methods, and premium raw materials ensure the unrivalled quality of their bead cords. Each thread undergoes precise twists under optimal tension during production, reducing fraying, tangling, and knotting as you work on your creations.

Opt for Griffin Blue Silk No.3 0.50mm for your stringing needs and experience the difference in quality and ease of use. Elevate your jewellery designs with this outstanding silk thread.

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