Griffin Grey Silk No.0 0.30mm: Perfect for Stringing Pearls & Beads

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Discover the exceptional Griffin Grey Silk No.0 0.30mm, designed to make stringing pearls and beads a breeze.

  • No.0 0.30mm: Ideal for delicate beadwork and pearl stringing
  • 2 metres long: Generous length for multiple projects
  • Includes 1 beading needle: Conveniently attached to the silk cord

Effortlessly String Pearls and Thread Beads

With the GRIFFIN Carded Bead Cord's specially attached stringing needle, you no longer need to struggle with threading needles or double threading when working with beads or pearls. Experience the most straightforward, efficient, and reliable way to thread pearls, gemstones, and beads.

Founded in 1866, Griffin boasts decades of expertise in producing high-quality silk threads. Their unmatched flexibility and stability make them the go-to choice for professional and amateur jewellery makers alike.

Experience Tangle-free, Knot-free Beadwork

Griffin's advanced manufacturing techniques, efficient production methods, and use of premium raw materials contribute to the exceptional quality of their products. GRIFFIN bead cords are carefully twisted with the ideal tension, ensuring minimal fraying, tangling, and knotting throughout the stringing process. This precision results in unique, world-renowned threads recognized for their outstanding quality and variety.

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