Griffin Jade Green Silk No.5 0.65mm | Superior Bead & Pearl Stringing Thread

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Discover the exceptional Griffin Jade Green Silk No.5 0.65mm Cord, designed specifically for stringing pearls and threading beads with ease and precision.

  • No.5 0.65mm diameter
  • 2-meter length
  • Comes with 1 beading needle

Effortless Bead & Pearl Stringing

Thanks to the special stringing needle attached to the GRIFFIN Carded Bead Cord, you can avoid the challenges of threading a needle or using a double thread when working with beads or pearls. This cord offers a simpler, quicker, and more reliable way to thread pearls, gemstones, or beads.

Since 1866, GRIFFIN has been producing more than just ordinary thread. With decades of experience and technical expertise, GRIFFIN creates unique silk cords with unmatched stability and flexibility.

Reduce Fraying, Tangling, and Knotting

GRIFFIN bead cords are manufactured using cutting-edge machinery, efficient production techniques, and the finest raw materials. During production, the cords are twisted under optimal tension to prevent fraying, tangling, and knotting. This precision contributes to the distinct quality and variety of these world-renowned threads.

Choose Griffin Jade Green Silk No.5 0.65mm Cord for your bead and pearl stringing projects and experience the remarkable difference in quality and ease of use that this premium thread provides.

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