Griffin Jade Green Silk No.8 0.80mm | Premium Bead & Pearl Stringing Thread

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Introducing the Griffin Jade Green Silk No.8 0.80mm Cord, your perfect choice for bead and pearl stringing projects demanding precision and top-notch quality.

  • No.8 0.80mm diameter
  • 2-meter length
  • Includes 1 beading needle

Simplified Bead & Pearl Stringing

Equipped with a special stringing needle attached to the GRIFFIN Carded Bead Cord, this product eliminates the need for threading a needle or using double thread when working with beads or pearls. Enjoy a more convenient, quick, and efficient way to thread pearls, gemstones, and beads.

With a history dating back to 1866, GRIFFIN is known for its unique threads that offer unparalleled stability and flexibility, thanks to their technical expertise and experience.

Minimize Fraying, Tangling, and Knotting

Utilizing state-of-the-art machinery, effective production techniques, and premium raw materials, GRIFFIN bead cords undergo a precise twisting process with optimal tension during manufacturing. This helps to reduce fraying, tangling, and knotting while beading or stringing, giving these globally acclaimed threads their distinctive quality and variety.

Choose Griffin Jade Green Silk No.8 0.80mm Cord for all your bead and pearl stringing projects, and experience the unmatched quality and ease of use that only a superior thread can provide.

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