Griffin White Nylon Power Silky Thread No.3 - Robust 0.50mm Thread for Stringing Pearls & Beads

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Introducing the remarkable Griffin White Nylon Power Silky Thread No.3 0.50mm - a durable, versatile option for stringing pearls and beads, offering an innovative solution compared to traditional silk thread.

  • No.3 with a 0.50mm diameter
  • 2 meters in length
  • Includes one beading needle

Smooth Pearl and Bead Stringing

Griffin Nylon Power Thread boasts a sleek surface, unparalleled shine, and double the tensile strength of regular nylon. With a selection of 21 colors and 13 thicknesses, this adaptable thread caters to a wide array of jewelry creations. Each card provides 2 meters of thread and a stainless steel needle for your convenience.

Griffin Nylon Power Bead Cord undergoes a special treatment that allows it to stretch only about 3-4% under tension and return to its original length when released. This unique feature guarantees secure and long-lasting knots during beading.

Convenient Stringing Needle

The included stringing needle, attached to the Griffin Carded Bead Cord, removes the need for threading a needle or utilizing a double thread when working with beads or pearls. This effective method simplifies and accelerates the process of threading pearls, gemstones, and beads.

Griffin, established in 1866, excels in producing distinctive threads with exceptional stability and flexibility, thanks to their extensive experience and commitment to quality.

Minimize Fraying, Tangling, and Knotting

By employing advanced manufacturing machines, efficient production techniques, and premium raw materials, Griffin consistently delivers high-quality threads. Each bead cord is twisted under precise tension during production to minimize excessive fraying, tangling, and knotting while beading or stringing.

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