Griffin White Nylon Power Silky Thread No.14 - 1.02mm for Bead & Pearl Stringing

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Introducing Griffin White Nylon Power Silky Thread No.14 1.02mm - the ultimate solution for stringing pearls and beads, providing an excellent alternative to traditional silk threads.

  • No.14 with a 1.02mm diameter
  • 2 meters in length
  • Includes 1 beading needle

Design Beautiful Pearl and Beaded Jewelry

Griffin Nylon Power Thread is recognized for its resilience, sleek surface, and exceptional brilliance. As a modern alternative to 100% Natural Silk thread, it comes in 21 colors and 13 thicknesses. Each package contains 2 meters of thread and a stainless steel needle.

Griffin Nylon Power Bead Cord consists of a durable, specially formulated nylon that offers double the tensile strength of conventional nylon. Stretching only about 3-4% under tension, it returns to its original length when released, making it ideal for creating tight and lasting knots during beading.

Innovative Stringing Needle

The unique stringing needle attached to the Griffin Carded Bead Cord eliminates the need to struggle with threading needles or using double threads when stringing beads or pearls. This innovative design allows for a faster and more reliable method to thread pearls, gemstones, and beads.

Griffin has been a leading manufacturer of superior threads since 1866, providing unmatched stability and flexibility in their products. Their extensive experience guarantees high-quality threads for jewelry makers.

Avoid Fraying, Tangling, and Knotting

Griffin's advanced manufacturing technology, efficient production methods, and use of high-quality raw materials result in top-tier threads. Each bead cord undergoes a precise twisting process with optimal tension during production, significantly reducing fraying, tangling, and knotting while beading or stringing.

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