Griffin Yellow Silk No.4 - 0.60mm for Professional Pearl & Bead Stringing

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Introduce yourself to Griffin Yellow Silk No.4 0.60mm thread, specifically crafted for professional pearl and bead stringing, bringing precision and consistency to your stunning jewelry designs.

  • No.4 thread featuring a 0.60mm diameter
  • Generous 2-meter length for versatile crafting
  • Comes with a beading needle for seamless stringing

Masterful Pearl and Bead Stringing

With the unique stringing needle attached to the Griffin Carded Bead Cord, say goodbye to the difficulties of needle threading and double threading. Embrace a simpler, more efficient, and dependable method for stringing pearls, gemstones, and beads in your jewelry creations.

Founded in 1866, Griffin is synonymous with exceptional silk threads that boast the ideal balance of stability and flexibility, crucial for all your jewelry projects.

Minimize Fraying, Tangling, and Knotting

Utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, streamlined production processes, and top-quality materials, Griffin crafts each bead cord with precision. During production, cords undergo optimal tension and exact twisting to reduce fraying, tangling, and knotting while you work on your bead stringing projects.

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