Horolovar 400 Day Clock Suspension Springs .0022" .056mm - Pack of 3

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Horolovar 400 Day Clock Suspension Springs - Premium Quality for Anniversary Clocks

  • .0022" .056mm thickness
  • 3 springs per pack
  • 5-3/8" long springs

Our Horolovar 400 Day Clock Suspension Springs are designed to ensure precise regulation for your anniversary clocks. With a thickness of .0022" .056mm, these temperature-compensating springs maintain consistent performance in varying conditions.

Each pack contains 3 high-quality suspension springs, each measuring 5-3/8" in length. Horolovar offers 24 different strength options for torsion anniversary clock suspension springs, providing you with the ideal solution for your clock repair needs.

These .0022" .056mm suspension springs are specifically designed for regulating Haller midget movement clocks. For guidance on selecting the correct spring size, setting up your 400-day clock, and additional information on various anniversary clock models, please refer to the 400-clock repair guidebook.

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