Horolovar Steel Clock Tapered Pins 1" (25mm) Long | Pack of 40 - .065" to .030"

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Horolovar Steel Clock Tapered Pins - 1" Long (25mm) | Pack of 40 for Precision Clock Repairs

Trust the Horolovar 40-pack of steel clock tapered pins for precise and dependable clock repairs. These high-quality pins are designed to provide a secure fit for a wide range of clock components, making them an ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Each tapered pin in the Horolovar pack measures 1" (25.4mm) in length, featuring a thicker end of .065" (1.65mm) that tapers down to a thinner end measuring .030" (0.76mm). This specific tapering ensures a perfect fit in various clock components, contributing to long-lasting and reliable repairs.

Choose Horolovar steel clock tapered pins for all your clock repair requirements and experience the superior quality and reliability that comes with a respected brand.

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