Jewellers AA Tweezers Multi Purpose Jewellery Making

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Jewellers AA Tweezers Multi Purpose for Jewellery Making

Precision non magnetic tweezers made of stainless steel

  • Superior antiglare polished satin finish
  • 125mm long
  • Fine 0.4mm straight strong tips

Professional jewellers tweezers. Made from demagnetized Non-Magnetic Anti-Acid Stainless Steel. Each with fine 0.4mm tips. Slightly larger tips than watchmakers tweezers So perfect for general all purpose uses. Used by jewellers to place solder or untangle chain and to move and hold small parts during manufacture or repairs.

Hand finished for perfect tip symmetry and balance, polished edges, superior antiglare satin finish.

We have different shapes of tweezer in our store, all have the same very fine tips but the body shape differs. It is mostly a matter of the job in hand and personal preference as to which is most suitable for you.

These tweezers are non magnetic

There are basically 2 types of professional jewellers and watchmakers tweezers. Non magnetic and anti magnetic. Anti magnetic are made from low carbon steel alloys that make them difficult to magnetize but they are weaker than non magnetic. Non magnetic are made from stronger steel alloys and then demagnetized to ensure parts will not stick to them or become magnetised by them.

Although stronger If exposed to magnets non magnetic tweezers can become magnetised. But they can always be demagnetised again using a demagnetiser. 

So if you are working on sensitive watch parts anti magnetic is best suited. But for all other general jewellery and watch work the additional strength and resulting longevity of non magnetic is preferred. 

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