Jewellers & Gemologists Gemstone & Diamond Tweezers with Black Finish

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Professional Jewellers & Gemologists Gemstone & Diamond Tweezers with Black Finish

Experience precision and control with these expertly designed jewellers and gemologists tweezers, perfect for handling gemstones and diamonds. Made from high-quality steel, these tweezers boast fine yet strong tips for versatile use.

  • Glare-reducing black finish
  • Textured inner tips for enhanced grip
  • 165mm (6.5") in length

Designed with the needs of gemologists and jewellers in mind, these tweezers feature ridged, textured inner tips that improve grip when handling valuable gemstones and diamonds. The black finish reduces reflection and glare from lights, ensuring a comfortable and efficient work experience.

These tweezers are an essential tool for diamond identification, gemstone grading, and setting stones into jewelry. Enhance your professional toolkit with these reliable and practical gemstone and diamond tweezers.

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