Jewellers Ring Sizer Finger Measuring Gauge UK Size H - Z +6 7mm Wide

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Jewellers Ring Sizer Finger Measuring Gauge UK Size H - Z +6 7mm Wide

High quality and accurate ring gauge for measuring peoples fingers.  Each ring is engraved on the outside with the easy to read size. 

This gauge covers the popular size range of H - Z+6. Each ring is 7mm wide. Perfect for gauging customers fingers looking to purchase a ring 5mm wide or above.

Simple to Use

The Finger sizer is easy to use. Simply Slip the ring gauge onto your finger. Select the size to give the most comfortable fit. Check that it slips over the knuckle. 

UK Ring Size System

For many years the generally used standard for ring sizes in the UK, Australia and New Zealand is that provided by the "Wheatsheaf" style gauge. These sizes have an alphabetical designation,

Conversion to worldwide ring sizes

The original UK A-Z ring size system is based on the internal diameter measured in thousandth parts of an inch. In the USA and Japan, ring sizes have numerical designations based on metric measurements of the internal diameter. In Europe the system is based internal circumference in millimetres. 

There is no exact direct comparison between the different size systems. However a size very close can be found by finding a chart of the diameters and circumferences of the different size systems.

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