Large Watch Case Clamp XL Jumbo Holder up to 65mm

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Watch Case Clamp, Vice for Holding Large Watches up to 65mm

This vice is used to clamp large waterproof watches up to 60mm wide. Allowing easy removal of case backs with the appropriate opening tool. The multi-positional rotating case supports are made from a rigid plastic material that will not mark watch cases while keeping them clamped securely.

  • Clamps from 15mm - 65mm
  • 71mm wide x 110mm Long x 44mm High 
  • 4 Pin positions
  • Metal Jaw + thread construction
  • Removable plastic pegs

Reducing Risk of Damage 

The vice allows watches to be held firmly either by hand or secured in a larger vice. Watches are held by the case while removing and replacing screw on watch backs with waterproof case openers. This means it is easy to apply the pressure required and reducing the risk of damage caused by slipping. Also without gripping and potentially damaging straps, bracelets, buttons or fittings.

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