Mini Tap and Die Screw Plate Set for Small Threads (1.2mm-1.5mm)

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Mini Tap and Die Screwplate Set for Precise Threading (1.2mm - 1.5mm)

Introducing the Mini Tap and Die Screw plate Set, designed specifically for jewellers, watchmakers, and clockmakers who require precise threading for small parts. This set includes 5 taps and die holes, with sizes ranging from 1.2mm to 1.5mm, perfect for a variety of projects.

The internal-thread cutting taps have a 2mm shank, allowing you to use them with a pin vice or other hand-operated holding tools. The screw plate is ideal for threading wire, rethreading stripped threads, or creating custom screws and threaded fittings.

Work with Precious and Softer Metals

Constructed from hardened and tempered carbon steel, this Mini Tap and Die Set is designed to cut through precious and soft metals such as gold, silver, brass, and copper. It maintains its sharp cutting edge, making it an essential toolset for repairing jewellery, watches, clocks, and other projects involving small threaded parts.

Extend the lifespan of your taps and dies by using cutting fluid or oil during operation. Ensure proper alignment when using the tools to avoid damage. Turn a few threads and then reverse slightly to remove cut metal for an easier process and increased tool longevity.

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