Pack of 10 Multisizer UK Ring Sizing Gauges for Accurate Finger Measurements

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Pack of 10 Multisizer UK Ring Sizing Gauges: Measure Finger Sizes with Confidence

Experience the convenience and accuracy of the world-famous Multisizer Ring Gauge with this pack of 10. These cost-effective and reliable finger sizers provide online shoppers and mail order customers the ability to measure their ring size at home, ensuring the perfect fit for every purchase.

Each Multisizer works like a belt, with the end threading through the buckle to form a ring shape. To use, slip the gauge onto your finger and adjust for a comfortable fit, ensuring it can easily slip back over your knuckle. The arrow on the sizer's buckle indicates your UK ring size, ranging from A to Z+9.

This pack includes 10 individually packaged multisizers

Our Multisizer Ring Sizing Gauges are also available for individual purchase and in packs of 100.

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