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Natural 12mm Round Cabochon Cut Standard White Opal Gemstone

Discover our premium standard white natural opal gemstones, showcasing a beautiful 12mm round cabochon cut and polished finish. Sourced exclusively from ethical suppliers, our gemstones are diameter-calibrated specifically for the jewellery trade.

  • High-quality natural white opal
  • 12mm round cabochon cut
  • Lustrous white with captivating rainbow flashes
  • Excellent cabochon cut and polish

Please note that the images provided are a representation of the cut and colour spectrum. As natural products, individual gems may vary in exact shade and height. For multiple orders, we endeavour to select the most closely matching gemstones in all aspects.

An invoice detailing each gemstone purchased is supplied. If you or your client require further certification or a detailed report for an individual gemstone, it can be obtained from a reputable and independent laboratory of your choice.

About Opal Gemstones

Precious opals exhibit an extraordinary play of colours against a pale (white opal) or dark (black opal) background. Some white opals present a translucent milky appearance, referred to as opalescence, which is distinct from the play of colours.

Opal Treatments

Opals can undergo various treatments, such as staining and resin impregnation, to enhance their appearance. Additionally, composite stones like doublets and triplets may be crafted from multiple pieces.

Methods for Opal Testing

To distinguish between natural and synthetic opals, observation, refractometers, UV light, and specific gravity measurements can be employed.

Opal Symbolism and Qualities

Opal, a birthstone for October and a zodiac gemstone for Libra, has been highly esteemed since ancient times. The Greeks believed opals endowed foresight and prophecy, while the Romans saw them as symbols of purity and hope. With a hardness of 6, opals are softer and more fragile than many other gemstones.

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