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Pin Vice Double Ended Four Jaw 0mm-3.1mm Collets for Jewellers & Silversmiths

Introducing our versatile double ended pin vice, designed to securely hold tools and component parts for jewellers and silversmiths. With double ended removable collets, this pin vice offers four different jaw sizes, ranging from 0mm to 3.1mm, ensuring maximum flexibility for your projects.

Pin vices are essential for holding small tools and components, providing a secure grip when drilling by hand or making fine adjustments to stone settings using burrs. You can even use old polished burrs in a pin vice as burnishers for a smooth finish.

Additionally, this pin vice is perfect for scribing reference lines, creating pilot holes, clamping tubing for filing, or utilizing broken saw blades for wax carving. The possibilities are truly endless with this indispensable tool in your jewellery making arsenal.

Invest in Quality and Precision

Upgrade your jewellery making process with our durable and precise pin vice double ended four jaw 0mm-3.1mm collets. Shop now at Jewellery Trade Resources for exceptional quality and performance.

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