Pink Tourmaline 1mm Round Cut Gemstone | Natural Pink Stones for Jewellery

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Pink Tourmaline 1mm Round Cut Natural Pink Gemstone - Ideal for Delicate Jewellery

Add a touch of elegance to your jewellery creations with our 1mm round cut pink tourmaline gemstones. These gorgeous natural stones feature a rich pink colour and an excellent cut, sourced exclusively from ethical suppliers and calibrated for the jewellery trade.

  • 1mm round cut natural pink tourmaline
  • Deep, captivating pink hue
  • Superior cut for added brilliance
  • Ethically sourced and calibrated for jewellery design

Please note that the images provided are for illustrative purposes only and may not exactly represent each individual gemstone's shade and height. When ordering multiple stones, we will strive to match them as closely as possible.

Each purchase comes with a detailed invoice. If you or your client require further certification or a comprehensive report for a specific gemstone, please consult an independent laboratory of your choice.

Tourmaline Gemstone Insights

Tourmalines belong to an isomorphous series, allowing for a vast array of chemical compositions and colours. These gemstones exhibit a vitreous lustre and can range from transparent to opaque. Single stones can even display multiple colours.

Common tourmaline colour names include:

  • Rubellite (red)
  • Indiclite (dark blue)
  • Paraiba (electric blues to neon greens)
  • Watermelon (multicoloured pink and green)

Tourmaline Treatments

Heat treatment or irradiation may be employed to improve tourmaline colours. These methods can lighten green and blue gemstones or deepen red shades.

Identifying Tourmaline

Dichroscopes and refractometers can be used to distinguish tourmaline from other similar materials.

Tourmaline Properties

Tourmaline is an October birthstone and a zodiac stone for Libra. With a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, it is a durable gemstone suitable for various jewellery applications.

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