Pink Tourmaline 4.25mm Round Gemstone | Premium Natural Pink Stone for Elegant Jewellery

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4.25mm Round Pink Tourmaline Gemstone – Ideal for Sophisticated Jewellery Designs

Transform your custom jewellery pieces with our stunning 4.25mm round pink tourmaline gemstones. Featuring a gorgeous pink hue and precision cut, these natural gems are responsibly sourced and calibrated specifically for the jewellery industry.

  • 4.25mm round cut natural pink tourmaline
  • Beautiful, vivid pink colour
  • High-quality cut for optimal brilliance
  • Responsibly sourced and calibrated for jewellery artisans

Keep in mind that the images displayed are representative of the cut and colour sample. Due to the stones' natural origin, each gem may exhibit slight differences in shade and size. For multiple orders, we strive to provide the closest matching stones in appearance.

A detailed invoice accompanies each gemstone purchase. For additional certification or an in-depth report on a specific stone, consult an independent laboratory of your choosing.

Tourmaline Gemstone Overview

Tourmalines belong to an isomorphous series, which means they exhibit a broad range of chemical compositions and colours. Their vitreous lustre varies from transparent to opaque, and some gems display multiple colours.

Common tourmaline colour names include:

  • Rubellite (red)
  • Indiclite (dark blue)
  • Paraiba (electric blues to neon greens)
  • Watermelon (multicoloured pink and green)

Usual Tourmaline Treatments

Colour improvements in tourmaline may involve heat treatment or irradiation, which can enhance green and blue gemstones or intensify red shades.

Recognizing Tourmaline

Use dichroscopes and refractometers to distinguish tourmaline from similar-looking materials.

Distinctive Tourmaline Characteristics

Tourmaline is an October birthstone and a zodiac stone for Libra. With a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, it is a fairly durable gemstone suitable for a variety of jewellery applications.

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