Pink Tourmaline 4mm Round Cut Gemstone | Gorgeous Natural Pink Stone for Custom Jewellery

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4mm Round Cut Pink Tourmaline Gemstone – Ideal for Distinctive Jewellery Pieces

Add a touch of elegance to your bespoke jewellery designs with our captivating 4mm round cut pink tourmaline gemstones. Featuring a sought-after pink hue and fine cut, these natural stones are obtained from ethical suppliers and calibrated specifically for the jewellery profession.

  • 4mm round cut natural pink tourmaline
  • Beautiful, vivid pink colour
  • Expertly cut for optimal brilliance
  • Ethically sourced and calibrated for jewellery artisans

Please note that the images provided represent the cut and colour example. Due to the natural origin of the stones, each gem may exhibit slight variations in shade and size. When ordering multiple pieces, we will strive to select the closest matching stones in appearance.

Each gemstone purchase includes a detailed invoice. If you or your client require additional certification or a comprehensive report for a specific stone, please refer to an independent laboratory of your choice.

Important Tourmaline Gemstone Information

Tourmalines belong to an isomorphous series, signifying their vast range of chemical compositions and colours. They showcase a vitreous lustre that varies from transparent to opaque, and some stones display multiple colours.

Familiar tourmaline colour names include:

  • Rubellite (red)
  • Indiclite (dark blue)
  • Paraiba (electric blues to neon greens)
  • Watermelon (multicoloured pink and green)

Common Tourmaline Treatments

Heat treatment or irradiation may be employed to enhance the colour of tourmaline. Green and blue gemstones can be brightened using heat treatment, while some red shades can be deepened through irradiation.

Recognizing Tourmaline

Use dichroscopes and refractometers to distinguish tourmaline from visually similar materials.

Notable Tourmaline Characteristics

Tourmaline is an October birthstone and a zodiac stone for Libra. With a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, it is a relatively sturdy gemstone suitable for diverse jewellery applications.

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