Silicone Watch Grease Pot + Pads - Waterproofing for Rubber Seals & Gaskets

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Silicone Watch Grease Pot + Pads - The Ideal Solution for Waterproofing Watch Seals & Gaskets

Our silicone watch grease pot with pads is a must-have for watchmakers, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient waterproofing process for watch cases. The easy-to-use applicator helps maintain water-resistant watches after battery changes, mechanical services, or repairs.

Rubber seals and plastic gaskets may be reused or replaced if damaged. Silicone grease lubricates and enhances the waterproofing properties of these components, ensuring the longevity of your timepieces.

  • 58mm wide sponge pad
  • Pre-filled with silicone grease

Effortless Application for Consistent Results

This silicone watch grease pot with pads simplifies the application of an even layer of grease on watch back gaskets. The sponge pads come pre-impregnated with silicone grease and can be replenished as needed. To use, place a gasket in the pot, close the lid, and twist back and forth to coat the gasket evenly. Once coated, the gasket is ready for installation.

Prior to resealing, apply silicone grease to rubber gaskets, case components, and other parts to facilitate sealing and prevent snagging. Always verify the watch's seal by performing waterproof testing after maintenance.

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