Silicone Watch Grease Pot + Pads for Waterproofing Rubber Ring Sealing Gaskets

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Silicone Watch Grease Applicator 

Silicone grease is used by watchmakers to aid the water resistance sealing of a watch case. The grease pot with pads makes the process perfectly even, quick & mess free.

After a battery change, mechanical service or repair, water resistant watches require sealing. Rubber seals and plastic gaskets can often be reused or if damaged replaced. In both circumstances silicone grease helps lubricate and facilitate waterproofing. 

  • 58mm Wide Sponge
  • pre filled with silicone grease

Consistently simple to use 

Makes applying an even fine film of silicone grease to entire watch back gaskets quick and simple. The sponge pads come impregnated with silicone watch grease and can always have more grease added. So simply place a gasket in the pot, replace the lid and twist back and forth to give the gasket an even covering of grease. Once coated in a thin layer of grease the seal is ready to be fitted.

Apply silicone grease to rubber gaskets and other case parts and components prior to re-sealing to aid sealing and lubricate seals to prevent snagging. And always check the watch is sealed by waterproof testing.

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