Sterling Silver 3mm Bead Crimp Covers x 10 - Professional Jewellery Finishing

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Sterling Silver 3mm Bead Crimp Covers x 10 - Elevate Your Jewellery Designs

Our premium sterling silver 3mm bead crimp covers are designed to give a professional finish to your jewellery projects. Perfect for use with bracelets and necklaces, these crimp covers provide an elegant touch that enhances the overall aesthetic of your pieces. When crimp covers are closed over crimped tubing it will look like your piece ends with a 3mm bead.

  • Made of sterling silver
  • Open Dimensions: 2.4mm wide x 3.9mm diameter
  • Closed Dimensions: 2.4mm wide x 3mm diameter
  • Opening: 1.25mm to 1.45mm

Each pack contains 10 crimp covers, ensuring that you have enough to complete your jewellery designs. These bead crimp covers are specifically designed to cover crimp tubing, giving the appearance of a 3mm bead at the end of your piece.

Invest in high-quality crimp covers to ensure that your jewellery designs stand out with a polished, professional look. Our sterling silver 2.5mm bead crimp covers are the perfect addition to your jewellery-making toolkit.

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