5.25mm Swiss Blue Topaz Round Cut Natural Gemstone for Luxurious Jewellery Designs

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Swiss Blue Topaz 5.25mm Round Cut - Radiant Natural Gemstone for Elegant Jewellery Pieces

Discover the captivating beauty of our 5.25mm Swiss blue topaz gemstones, featuring an almost electric blue colour and a precise cut. We offer an assortment of blue topaz shades, including sky blue (light blue), London blue (dark blue), and Swiss blue (bright blue). Our gemstones are ethically sourced, and we supply diameter-calibrated stones specifically crafted for the jewellery trade.

  • Genuine Swiss Blue Topaz
  • 5.25mm Round Cut
  • Brilliant Blue Shade
  • Expert Cut

Please note that the provided images represent the cut and colour swatch of our gemstones. As natural products, each gemstone may slightly vary in shade and size. When ordering multiple gemstones, we will do our best to select items that closely match one another.

A detailed invoice will be provided for each gemstone purchase. If you or your client require additional certification or a comprehensive report for a specific gemstone, please consult an independent laboratory of your choice.

Uncover the Diverse World of Topaz Gemstones

Topaz gemstones come in a wide range of colours, with most gem-quality topaz varying from transparent to translucent. Known for its dazzling vitreous lustre, topaz is November's birthstone and the zodiac gemstone for Scorpio. With a hardness of 8, topaz is a robust gemstone believed to foster good health when placed in a home.

Topaz Treatments and Identification Methods

Topaz can undergo heat and irradiation treatments to alter its colour, and coatings may be applied to create green shades and optical effects. Dichroscopes and Chelsea colour filters can be used to help identify topaz gemstones.

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