5mm Swiss Blue Topaz Round Cut Natural Gemstone - Perfect for Exquisite Jewellery Creations

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Swiss Blue Topaz 5mm Round Cut – Dazzling Natural Gemstone for Elegant Jewellery

Add a touch of luxury to your jewellery creations with our stunning 5mm Swiss blue topaz gemstones, showcasing a near-electric blue hue and an excellent cut. Our collection features three captivating shades of blue topaz: sky blue (light blue), London blue (rich blue), and Swiss blue (vivid blue). All our gemstones are ethically sourced and calibrated by diameter, catering specifically to the jewellery industry.

  • Authentic Swiss Blue Topaz
  • 5mm Round Cut
  • Vibrant Blue Colour
  • Superior Cut

Please be aware that the images provided reflect the overall cut and colour swatch of our gemstones. As they are natural products, individual stones may present slight variations in shade and size. When purchasing multiple items, we will strive to select gemstones that closely resemble one another.

Each gemstone purchase is accompanied by a detailed invoice. If you or your client require additional certification or a comprehensive report for a specific gemstone, please consult an independent laboratory of your preference.

Experience the Allure of Topaz Gemstones

Topaz gemstones boast a diverse colour palette, with most gem-quality topaz ranging from transparent to translucent. Renowned for its striking vitreous lustre, topaz is both November's birthstone and the zodiac gemstone for Scorpio. Boasting a hardness of 8, topaz is a resilient gemstone, and it is believed that its presence in a home promotes good health for the inhabitants.

Topaz Treatments and Identification Techniques

Topaz may undergo heat and irradiation treatments to modify its colour, and coatings can be applied to create green hues and optical effects. Dichroscopes and Chelsea colour filters can be utilized to identify topaz gemstones.

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