Watch Strap Bracelet Holder Block - Perfect for Link Adjustments and Pin Removal

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Watch Strap Bracelet Holder Block - The Essential Tool for Link Adjustments and Pin Removal

Effortlessly adjust watch straps and bracelets with our versatile Watch Strap Bracelet Holder Block. Designed to securely hold watch bracelets in place while preventing scratches and damage, this tool is a must-have for watch repair professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Constructed from a durable synthetic plastic material, this holder block is specially designed for use with all types of metals. The block features multiple slots of varying sizes (2mm - 4mm) to accommodate a range of watch bracelets. By holding the bracelets vertically, you can easily use a pin punch to tap out or replace pins for precise sizing adjustments.

With cutaway corners for working close to z-clasps, this holder block ensures your tools remain parallel with the bracelet, reducing the risk of damaging delicate pins and punches. The base of the block also includes numerous holes in multiple locations for effortless pin removal.

  • Dimensions: 48mm x 64mm x 25mm
  • Slot sizes: 2mm - 4mm

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